Kind Words

I love the 20-25 minutes sessions. I'm a Wife and Mom with 2 jobs and juggling it all is not easy. I feel like I can carve out 20 minutes for myself to complete the workout. 

-Stephanie George

I love the fact that the sessions are easy to follow and the timing doesn't impact the day. I appreciate the 20-25 min to get me started and my heart pumping!

-Katherine Han




These specialized 10-day challenges will leave you feeling strong, happy, and empowered!

You get access to all 10 20-minute workout challenge videos, access to stretching videos, access to member forums to check-in and meet other members, and email support if you have any questions!

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Fit Girl

10-Days Of Mood Boosting Workouts

This challenge is meant to help you improve your mood, energy levels, and leave you feeling happy from the inside out!

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10-Days To A Stronger Core

This challenge will strengthen your core muscles to help relieve back pain, and improve coordination, balance, and posture.

$33 CAD

10-Days To A Powerful Bottom

Strengthen your legs, glutes, and lower back to improve balance and coordination, relieve back pain, and build a strong, solid base for exercise.

$33 CAD

10-Days To Powerful Arms

Build upper body strength and endurance while improving your ability to complete everyday tasks.

*This challenge requires equipment.

$33 CAD

10-Days To A Stronger Back

This challenge will help relieve lower back pain, will improve your posture and balance, and will strengthen your back, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings.

Coming Soon!

10-Days Of Heat Boosting Workouts

This fast-paced challenge uses a blend of cardio and muscle endurance training to burn body fat and increase muscle definition.

Coming Soon!

10-Days To A Healthier Heart

Increase your stamina, and improve your cardiovascular health with this 10-day challenge!

Coming Soon!

10-Days To Greater Flexibility

This yoga-inspired challenge will help with flexibility, and mobility, will help to relieve tense muscles and will improve your posture.

Coming Soon!

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