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Are you planking properly?

Any good fitness program will include a series of planks. While they aren't the most fun exercise to do, adding planking to your fitness regime is important for a number of reasons.

It's often joked about as the longest 30 seconds in fitness, but find out why you should be planking as often as possible.

Why are planks important?

Planking is a VERY essential exercise because it’s the only abdominal exercise that works your most inner layer of abdominal muscles. That layer is called your transverse abdominis.
Its main function is to activate your core muscles and stabilize the pelvis and low back prior to movement of the body. If you have a weak TA, you’re going to be more prone to injury during your workout since it’s a MAJOR stabilizer muscle.
A plank also works your shoulders, glutes, and back.
If you're looking for a flatter aesthetic the stronger your TA, the flatter your stomach will be because the stronger it is the more it holds everything in. It’s like your own personal corset!

How to plank properly.

Get into a push-up position from either your toes or your knees but instead of being on your hands, rest on your elbows and forearms. Position your elbows directly underneath your shoulders and look straight toward the floor. Your body should form a perfectly straight line from the crown of your head to your heels. Hold this position for 0:30s, with a 0:30s rest in between. Repeat 3 times.
Happy planking, team!
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