The fitness benefits of massage.

Let's talk about massage. I'm melting just thinking about it!

What kind of massage do you prefer? The relaxing oops-I-fell-asleep-tee-hee kind of massage, or the GET-IN-THERE-SO-DEEP-YOU-CAN-FEEL-MY-SOUL kind of massage? Whatever you're preference, massage is SO good for you and can help repair muscles you've been working on in your fitness routine.

If a massage isn't a realistic option for you, rolling your muscles using a roller, or some sort of round apparatus will help as well. You can also use the corners of walls and doorframes to get the job done.

Fitness benefits of massage.

Here are some basic fitness benefits of massage:

-Increased circulation: This helps your muscles to heal and function properly.

-Improved range of motion and flexibility: Massage stretches your muscles for you, helping with flexibility and lowering your chances of injury.

-Reduces inflammation, pain, and builds muscle: Massage increases the production of mitochondria, which help with cell production and repair.

-Promotes relaxation and improves sleep: Massage causes your serotonin and dopamine levels to go up and your cortisol levels to go down. This leads to deeper, more restful sleep where your body repairs itself best.

Regular massage benefits.

If you're looking to reap the benefits of massage regardless of having a regular workout routine, there are a lot of great reasons to do so.

-It helps with postural stress if you sit at a desk all day.

-It eases muscle pain.

-It eases anxiety and depression.

-It boosts your immunity.

-It relieves headaches.

And these are only the BASIC benefits of massage. Some studies have shown that massage also helps with things like digestive disorders and injuries.

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