Why Your Audience Has Stopped Growing

Today's blog post is from Jana Keirstead, Social Media Manager and Owner of Loop Consulting.


The world has changed and moving your business online is essential to keep clients coming to you for fitness. With more and more fitness businesses offering virtual services, you may have noticed it’s getting harder to grow your audience.

One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make is hashtags! Many coaches and athletes aren’t capitalizing on this key marketing element that, if done right, can expand your Instagram audience and ultimately your client list.

Want to know how to get the right hashtags? You’re in luck! Liz and I bonded over hashtag strategy and we’ve had lots of conversations about her business hashtag sets.

She asked me to give her audience a leg up, so I decided to give you a sneak peek into my business hashtag strategy. If you use this ideal hashtag guide, you will be on your way to getting more eyes on your business.

  1. Large: Did you know you can use the Instagram search page to see how many times individual hashtags have been used? This is key to building the ideal set. I recommend using 5-10 hashtags that have between 300K and 900K tags. Be sure they are related to your industry.

  2. Medium: Pick between 10-15 hashtags that relate to your niche that have between 50K and 300K tags. Your niche is more specific than your industry and can include your location and more specifically where your business is focused. For example, #powerliftinggirls, #onlinefitnesstrainer or #cardioworkouts.

  3. Niche Specific: This set is all about your audience so get inside their heads. Choose 10-15 hashtags that your ideal customer is likely to search. Keep these under 50K tags. Again, this may include your location but, I recommend starting your search with goals you hear from new and prospective clients.

  4. Branded: This is all about the future of your business because one day your brand will be SO recognized that your branded hashtags will blow up. Believe it! Choose two or three hashtags that relate to your business specifically, ideally, these haven’t been used yet at all. Easy ones are your company name or phrases you use on a regular basis.

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Keep in mind that your limit is 30 hashtags on each post so mix it up and see what happens. Hashtags will work differently depending on the account, post, time of day, etc. Don’t give up on a set just because it didn’t have the desired effect after one post. Stick with it for a while, you just never know.

As an extra little bonus, I’ve put together a fitness-specific hashtag set just for you. I’ve left two spots for you to include your own branded hashtags, but feel free to use this as a jumping-off point. If you try out this hashtag set or my strategy, I’d love to know about it! Tag me in your Instagram stories @loopconsulting, I’d love to check them out. If you want more great hashtag info, check out my blog at

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